My career began in 1968 with my exam as a civil engineer.
This was followed by several years as an employee.
Since 1976 I have been self-employed with the following main focuses:
– Planning, building, distribution of single and multiple family houses for owner-occupiers and
Capital investors, larger projects such as residential parks up to e.g. 80 units
– Planning, construction, distribution of small retail centres in the old and new federal states and from 1990 to 1994 in Hungary at the special request of a well-known retail group.

Project focus: The experience gained in recent years in project development from smaller projects (small shopping centres – detached houses) to larger housing projects with 80 residential units has motivated me to bring these into the project development of solar and

wind farms in Ghana as Joint Venture Partners (JVP). This is only possible thanks to very good business relations to Ghana in order to provide these services with local companies.

In Germany, it has become increasingly difficult in recent years to realise PV roof systems and PV outdoor systems economically and to get the latter approved.

A 45 MW solar park is currently in the planning and approval phase. My JVP and I have already been granted 2 licenses for this project.   For legal reasons, this may only be disclosed once the PPA and the licence for the building permit have been issued.  These are scheduled for the IV quarter 2019.